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Trip update: We’ve recalculated our estimated distance

Original estimates pegged the Twain Trip as a 9,000-mile journey. Laughable! Our odometer probably knew this from the beginning, but 9,000 miles is much too conservative for a three-month road trip. We’ve hit 8,500 miles, and … Read more >>

Read about us somewhere other than!

In case you were wondering about the fabulously exciting inner-workings of the Twain Trip, Northwestern publication NU Intel did a little piece on us. “A cross-country road trip in a crowded van might conjure images of … Read more >>

Two Marion high school seniors discuss town’s dark past

Our visit to Marion, Indiana was sobering and tense. The last lynching in the North happened here on August 7, 1930, an event immortalized by Lawrence Beitler’s photograph, Abel Meeropol’s political poem and Billie Holiday’s rendition … Read more >>

Revisiting lynchings in Marion, Indiana

Whatever the upbringing of Mark Twain (Sam Clemens) in slave-state Missouri, he was a critic of lynching by adulthood. In “Only a Nigger,”—an August 26, 1869, Buffalo Express column attributed to him—he told of the rape … Read more >>

Notes from the road

Sorry, world, beginning today, Oct. 2, I’ve decided to report on our daily misadventures, however insignificant, complete with sexy starlet sightings (just kidding). Our 13 hours of driving begin at 7 a.m. in Chicago with Alyssa … Read more >>